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I'm a Democrat because...

  • In order to be great, America doesn’t have to be better than every other country. Rather we should constantly improving to provide every American the equal and fair opportunity to flourish.

    April Caldwell Scholten

    Vice President, DCYD

  • I believe the government plays an important role in maximizing every citizen’s wellbeing.

    Ariba Qureshi

    DCYD Member

  • It is my belief that the government should work for the people and that women everywhere should feel empowered.

    Emily Vo

    DCYD Member

  • I believe that society is best judged by how it treats those who have the least, and that it is up to those in power to protect the powerless.

    Isaac Kimes

    DCYD Member

  • We’re not perfect, but if you are looking for the party most likely to stand up and fight for equal justice for every citizen, against climate change, for voting rights, for American workers, and for access for all to quality health care – you’ve come to the right place.

    Katharine Heriges

    Former President, DCYD