It’s that time of year! We are asking all DCYD members to pay their dues before our TNYD convention in April! Read below for our dues FAQ, and donate using this link:

Dues FAQ sheet:
-How much are dues?
DCYD dues are paid annually, and are $25 for Davidson County residents 36 or younger and $15 for students.

-What does the dues money pay for?
Dues help pay for food and drinks at our monthly meetings, subsidize the cost of trainings put on by DCYD (such as the fantastic Campaign Manager training!), financially support other progressive groups and allow us Young Dems to donate to candidates!

What do I get if I pay dues?
Being a dues-paying member of the DCYD gives you voting rights within DCYD and at the TNYD convention in April.

Is there a deadline to pay my dues?
Though we will accept dues throughout the year, we need to collect dues from 25 DCYD members before the TNYD convention (April 13th – 14th) in order to remain a chartered member of the TNYD.

Awesome! So where can I pay my dues?!
You can pay your dues here: Thanks for being a supportive member of the DCYD!