Charter and Bylaws

Name: The name of the organization shall be the Davidson County Young Democrats, hereafter referred to as the DCYDs in this Constitution.

Purpose: The purpose of the DCYDs is to stimulate in the youth of Davidson County, and surrounding areas, an active interest in governmental affairs, to increase the efficiency of popular government, to foster and perpetuate the ideals of the Democratic Party, to provide through its administration, the highest degree of justice and social welfare for our people, and to serve as a voice for young people in the Democratic Party. This may include, but not be limited to, supporting and electing Democratic candidates for public office; widening and increasing the knowledge of young people in government and the political process; training and developing young people for positions of leadership; increasing the role of under-represented people in our Party, government, and society; and to serve those in need in our community.

Section 1: The DCYDs will be chartered with, and affiliated with the Tennessee Young Democrats. Through the Tennessee Young Democrats, the DCYDs will be affiliated with the Young Democrats of America.

Section 2: The DCYDs, while a sole entity, will work in partnership with the Davidson County Democratic Party and work closely as possible with all levels of the Democratic Party and democratic organizations.

Article I: Membership and Dues

Eligibility: Membership requirements for the DCYDs will follow the guidelines of the Young Democrats of America and the Tennessee Young Democrats. Any person residing or working in the Davidson County area who is eligible for membership as listed above shall be eligible for membership into the DCYDs

Dues: Membership dues will be as follows: Full Membership will be set at twenty five ($25) dollars with all privileges and voting rights. Student membership will be set at fifteen ($15) dollars with all the privileges and voting rights. For persons interested in joining the organization but do not fall into the membership ages set by the National and State Democratic organizations, the organization will offer an Honorary membership of fifteen ($15) dollars without privileges and voting rights. Dues amount will be set by the Executive Board and approved and voted on by the General Body on an annual basis.

Inclusive Clause: Membership will not be affected by race, color, national origin, sex, physical handicap or sexual orientation.

Automatic memberships to TYD: Memberships for student and general members will automatically obtain membership to the Tennessee Young Democrats will full privileges and voting rights. The membership dues to the Tennessee Young Democrats will be set by the state executive committee. The DCYDs will pay the membership to the Tennessee Young Democrats of five ($5) dollars. Currently, the Tennessee Young Democrats membership is paid bi-annually.

Adoption: This Constitution shall be adopted when approved by two thirds majority of the membership in attendance. Amendments to this Constitution shall be made by a majority vote at two consecutive meetings of membership.

Article II: Elections and Officers

Election: Election of the offices herein shall be held each year at a meeting of the membership. A person shall be elected if that person receives a simple majority o the votes cast for that office. If no person receives a majority, a runoff election shall be held between two persons receiving the greatest number of votes. Nominations shall be taken from the floor by the President until there are no more nominations or upon motion and second for cessation of nominations. Votes shall be tallied separately by the Treasurer and the Secretary. Any member in attendance at the meeting shall be entitled to vote. In all other respects, the elections shall be held in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

Officers: Election shall be to the Executive Board as described in Article III, et seq., below.

Term: An officer’s term shall be no more nor less than one year. No person may serve in one office for more than two consecutive terms. If there is a officer vacancy, there shall be a membership meeting to elect a new officer to fill out the remaining term, following the stated description of elections as described in Article II: Elections.

Removal form Office: Only the elected offices may be subject to impeachment. The President reserves the right to remove anyone from an appointed position.

Procedures for Impeachment:

  1. Any person holding an elected office within the chapter may be impeached if found guilty of failure to adequately perform his/her duties.
  2. Person shall be notified of the charges against them no less than thirty (30) days prior to the meeting in which the impeachment will be discussed.
  3. Any officer may be removed by vote of two thirds majority of the membership or unanimous vote of the quorum.
  4. Each officer retains his/her right to be a member of the organization with full privileges and voting rights.

Article III: The Executive Board

Description: There shall be an Executive Board composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, two At-Large Members and the Immediate Past-President, to evaluate matters of finance, membership, special events, committee reports and any other business of the organization. Committee chairs may also attend any executive board meetings but do not retain voting rights during matters in which the Executive Board is voting upon.

President: The President will be the chief executive officer for the organization. He/she will preside over all chapter meetings. The President will have all of the following duties and powers (absence of a specific power or duty from this list is not necessarily a denial of its existence):

  1. Establish administrative procedures not otherwise provided by the Constitution.
  2. Act or and on behalf of the organization when they are not in session.
  3. Attend all meetings of the Tennessee Young Democrats. When attendance of the President is not possible he/she will appoint a replacement and give person voting proxy.
  4. Establish the agenda of each membership and executive board meetings.
  5. Serve as delegation chair to the State Young Democrats state convention.
  6. Have a two hundred dollar ($200) dollars transaction limit without the approval of the Executive Board.
  7. Appoint chairpersons and vice-chairpersons of all committees, standing and adjunct, except that the President shall not appoint the chairpersons of the Recruiting and Fundraising Committees.
  8. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.

Vice-President: The Vice-President will have all of the following duties and powers:

  1. Chair of the Recruiting Committee.
  2. Appoint a co-chairperson of the Recruiting Committee, pending the approval of the Executive Board.
  3. Act as President Pro-Tempore in the absence of the President. In a case where the President’s office becomes vacant, the Vice-President will become the President automatically and will assume all powers, duties and responsibilities associated with that position. The office of the Vice-President then is vacant and will be filled by an appointment of the new President, pending the approval of the Executive Board and the general membership.
  4. Assist the President.

Secretary: The Secretary shall have all the following duties and powers:

  1. Keep accurate minutes of all chapter meetings (general membership and Executive Board.)
  2. Assure publicity for all upcoming events and meetings.
  3. Keep an accurate mailing list and phone directory of all members.
  4. See to all correspondence of the chapter as directed by the President.
  5. Serve as Chair of the Communications Committee.
  6. Maintain a list of all members, with the assistance of the Treasurer, and shall make such list available to every member annually at the membership meeting in which elections are held.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will be the chief financial officer of the organization and shall have all of the following duties and powers:

  1. Chair of the Fundraising Committee.
  2. Be responsible for fundraising and solicitation records, mailings and events
  3. Maintain accurate financial records for the organization.
  4. Coordinate all financial activities.
  5. Advise the President and the Executive Board of the financial condition of the organization.
  6. If deemed necessary by the Executive Board, the Treasurer will file any reports for the State Democratic Party, County Party or any other entities in a timely manner.
  7. Write checks and make deposits as directed by the Executive Board. The Treasurer will have the right to make financial transactions without the approval of the Executive Board. Any check written in the amount of three hundred ($300) or more will require the signature of the Treasurer and the President.

At-Large Members: At-Large members shall have all of the following duties and powers:

  1. Serve on the Executive Board
  2. Required to serve on at least one committee of his/her choice but does not serve as the chairperson of the committee.
  3. Assist the other officers of the Executive Board in executing events and policies.
  4. One at-large member will serve as a liaison between the Davidson County Young Democrats and the Davidson County Democratic Party and will report back to the Executive Board.

Immediate Past President: The Immediate Past President shall have all of the following duties and powers:

  1. Serve on the Executive Board.
  2. Provide advice to the executive board as to the previous year policies, meetings and events.
  3. Provide assistance and advice to the current President
  4. If the immediate past president does not or is not able to serve on the Executive Board, he/she will be replaced with a third (3rd) At-Large Member to serve for the term subject to election by the General Body Membership.

Description: The DCYDs Executive Board will be the chief policy making body for the chapter.

Section 1: The Executive Board will have all of the powers necessary for the proper and legal execution of all duties of the DCYDs.

Section 2: The Executive Board will meet no less than twelve (12) times during the course of one (1) fiscal year.

Article IV: Committees

Committees: Shall be set by the Executive Board. The chairperson of the committees shall be appointed by the President.

Section 1: Membership of the committees shall consist of any eligible member who would like to participate on the committee.

Standing Committees: The Standing Committees will consist of four (4) committees: Communications, Recruitment/Membership, Finance/Fundraising and Community Outreach. These committees can only be eliminated by an approval from the Executive Board and a majority vote by the General Body Membership.

Ad Hoc Committees: The Executive Board may form such ad hoc committees from time to time as it sees fit.

Article V: Meetings and Quorums of the General Body

Convening: Meetings of the general body shall be conducted only after the determination of a quorum, which quorum shall consist of five members in good standing in addition to the President. Meetings of the general body shall be held at least twice a quarter, at such a place as is deemed convenient by the Executive Board. Notice of the meetings must be given one week in advance either by mail or e-mail.

Article VI: Proxies

Proxies of any kind are prohibited.

Article VII: Supporting Candidates

The DCYDs will never oppose a Democratic candidate for political office, either by supporting non-Democratic candidates or by not supporting all Democratic candidates in a primary.

Article VIII: Constitutional Amendments

Amendments to this constitution must be submitted in writing to the President and Secretary at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be considered. The President is obligated to place the amendment on the agenda for such meeting. The amendment will be considered and approved if two-thirds (2/3) of the Executive Board and two-thirds (2/3) of the general body vote in favor of the amendment.